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 Hi im machiavelli

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PostSubject: Hi im machiavelli   Tue Oct 16, 2007 10:35 pm

Hi as i've said above i am Machiavelli and i am a lvl 70 fury warrior, Don't cringe yet! i can assure you i do an adequate job. i kinda evolved into fury with the expansion of BC, i always wanted this role, but i could never get the gear from raiding so it really was a pipe dream until now. I have alot of fun now

lets see about me, i live in germany i work a 24 hours on 48 hours off shift, regardless i still try to stay in tune with server times. im not german, just an american who works on a military base. Every third day i work from 1am to 1am server time. I have a somewhat cynical sense of humor haha ask canelina.

i enjoy helping people and running any dungeons i know you hear that alot, but seriously! send me a tell! currently working on getting all my heroic keys, i have the ones for CoT and Coil fang, im working on auchiondun atm. Raiding is also something id love to do, Im not very gear intensive, but i do like the sense of accomplishment.

if you'd like to talk to me or group, give a yell! pirat

Oh yes! my gear! *see edit below*

8200 hp
29.82% crit in zerker
13.15% hit on the dot (160 hit +3% talent)
1409 attack power unbuffed
i wield Drakefist Main and Terroks nightmace offhand, pursuing blackout truncheon

360 BS / 375 mining

17/43 arms/fury - standard cookie cutter pve build

as for gear, i am blued out, i have 2 greens on me, one is demolishers bracers, which i find the hit too useful to swap out and my leggings, which give me 48 crit rating. im pursuing doomplate leggings besides that i can really only get better gear through 1 or 2 pvp items and kara and the new 2.3 badge gear for heroic dungeons, which has unparaelled hit rating.

Another Edit!

as of nov 14 I am now completley heroic attuned

i got my blackout truncheon, cloak of the inciter, and abbacus of violent odds making me a hasted Beast Bwahaha!

currently working on the hourglass of the far 0/2 on that one sighhh
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Hi im machiavelli
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