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 interested in joining Ascension!!!

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Registration date : 2007-11-10

PostSubject: interested in joining Ascension!!!   Sat Nov 10, 2007 6:20 pm

Name: Avreel
Class/Spec: Mage Deep Fire (10/48/3)
Current Guild: Ara Veritas
Raid Experience: Downed all of Kara and Gruul's Lair, attempted TK
Raid Availability: Weeknights after 8 server and Weekends varying hours, but always after 8 server

In short, i am looking for a guild with later than most raid times. I am very generous towards helping out other players (i.e. running alts, helping with mats) and i enjoy running heroics (i hate having to pug). I see promising signs that this could be a great guild when you're looking for a second kara! That means that high end content is following close behind and I would love to be there for that! My character is pretty geared from heroics/kara/pvp and I would like for her to get better!
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interested in joining Ascension!!!
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