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 Morter - Holy Pally

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PostSubject: Morter - Holy Pally   Sat Dec 15, 2007 3:08 pm

Hey guys,

My name is Eric (Morter). I am a Chemical Engineering student at Texas A&M University, Gig' Em! I spend my days toiling over chemical equilibria processes and come back home for a little R&R everyday, namely WoW. I have a good amount of raiding experience, I have done all Pre-BC Raiding up to twin emps with my last guild "Lost".

I know some of them are in the guild and maybe they remember me, because I remember them Smile.

Character Name: Morter
Class/Spec: Holy, See Below
Current/Previous Guild: Lost was my last guild.
Raid Experience: Everything up to Twin Emps in AQ40
Raid Availability: Anyday the raids are scheduled I can make, barring any 1 time events such as an Exam or other personal agenda.

I've just gotten back into WoW after about a 6 Month haitus. I've played on Nath since midnight on release. I feel myself to be an overall jokester of a person, but I know my class. I also feel msyelf to be very adept to learning new things, which I am always ready to do.
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PostSubject: Application   Sun Dec 16, 2007 10:38 am

Thank you for applying. We will be looking over your application and get back with you in game!

Paganloft - Recruiter
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Morter - Holy Pally
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