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 Disintegrate 70 Mage

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PostSubject: Disintegrate 70 Mage   Sun Jan 20, 2008 7:26 am

Hello my name is Erik and ive been playing wow since it came out, i took about a year off and just recently got back into it.. i havent done any raiding at 70 but i was in mc/bwl and stuff at 60 so i know the basics, i am currently working on pvp gear to get my stats up and look forward to raiding the new instances soon

i have vent and a clear mic, im 23 yrs old and im mature :O

i am currently specd arcane/fire but can change it up if needed

My last guild was Viper when we were doing AQ/BWL etc..
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Disintegrate 70 Mage
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