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 Offme-Enhancement Shaman (willing to respec)

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PostSubject: Offme-Enhancement Shaman (willing to respec)   Thu Jan 24, 2008 9:14 am

Hey, My name is Wayne and I am currently looking for a guild to settle in, meet fun people, progress through end game raids and just have fun. Leveling up I wanted to be more involved with the pvp aspect of the game and upon hitting 70 in july i become burnt out on the game and decided to roll alts. I then transfered my character to Jaedenar server to play with a few rl friends who decided to quit the game and leave me alone in the server so I transfered back to nath in hopes to join a guild and contribute my efforts in creating a positive atmosphere and raiding.

Raiding experience: 12/12 Kara with a guild from Jaedenar called SWAT, though I was a new recruit and they decided I hadnt earned the right to roll yet. I figured it was good experience for me to see.

Spec: Enhancement. I am however willing to respec to elemental but healing is not my strong point and i would need MUCH practice

Previous Guilds: SWAT (Jaedenar Server), Integrity (Nathrezim). I was also an officer in Integrity for 2 months untill the guild disbanded due to guild leaders leadership problems.

I would also say i have exceptional knowledge of WoW and my class. I read theorycrafting, watch boss fight videos and am one for being fully prepared before a raid and my attendance is 95-100%.

Thank You for reviewing my application
-sorry it was so long tongue
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Offme-Enhancement Shaman (willing to respec)
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